Very Short Introductions

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Very Short Introductions

Very Short Introductions provide intelligent and serious introductions to a huge range of subjects. In this digital resource, hundreds of titles can be searched at once, opening up new pathways across subjects. Students can use Very Short Introductions to con sider study options, embark on a new module, topic, or essay, or revise a particular subject.  Teachers and other educators can assign chapters, or whole books to students. Adult learners can also gain new insights through an introduction to a topic.

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Tutorials and Presentations

  • Short Introduction (PPTX) This presentation moves through screenshots of Very Short Introductions and describes it's component parts
  • Quiz (DOC) Use this quiz to learn how to use the resource.
  • Tour This presentation, available as a PPT and PDF, walk the viewer step by step through the resource.
  • Recorded Demo This recorded tour of Very Short Introductions requires a login.
  • Top 10 Things You Should Know From Very Short Introductions. This YouTube series from Oxford University Press highlights 10 takeaways from Very Short Introductions.

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