Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

• When you click your Account Name in the black bar, the submenu has three options: • View profile: This will take you back to the screen you see when you first log in. • Edit profile: This is where you can change your password and/or email address associated with the account. • Log out: You should always log out when you are done working with your Webkit. • When you click the Shortcuts button in the black bar, there are two links that are quick access to creating new content and also to the content control panel (“All Content”). • When you click the Rebuild Cache button in the black bar, this clears out what the public will see. When you are logged in as an administrator, you are seeing the site in real time. The public does not; they see a cached version. NOTE: You should not use this function overly much, as it can take several minutes for the site to re-index the new data, which can slow the site down.