Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Adding Content To create a new page, click Content —> Add content on your Administrative Toolbar. You will see a list of the types of content you can create. (This list will depend on the content types which OPLIN has set up for you.) Click on the type of content you wish to create and you will get a blank creation template. Adding Content: Title The Title field is required for all content types. The Title is what will normally show in the menus that provide access to this page, so make it short but descriptive. And don't use exclamation points in your title. Professional writing does not use exclamation points; go look at newspapers. Murders and wars are exciting stuff, sure. Yet, newspapers do not end all of their potentially exciting headlines with exclamation points. It isn’t done. Don’t lose credibility for your library as an institution—write professionally. Further reading: Exclamation points. Don’t use them Confessions of a serial exclamation pointer