Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Remember that your page will be displayed on the web, which requires that you consider a few conventions that differ from traditional print documents. For instance, underlining in an online document is very confusing for the reader, since only links are supposed to be underlined. Because of this, the editor does not include an "underline" option at all. Also note that it is best not to use the source button for creating content, unless you are very familiar with HTML5 standards-compliant coding and want to achieve some special formatting that is not available in the rich text editor. Adding Content: How to Write for the Web Don’t literally welcome people to your website. Typically, when we see “Welcome to our library’s website,” we know we’re looking at a library that doesn’t know how to best utilize its front space. Don’t waste prime real estate on the obvious or useless fluff. It’s so nice and friendly to put a big “Welcome to our library website!” heading at the top of the front page, right? Here’s the thing: if people weren’t welcome on your library’s website, you would have password-protected it, right? People are inherently welcome to your library’s site. They don’t need a literal, text-based welcome mat. Further reading: Stop putting out the welcome mat Stop using all-caps. Long a netiquette convention on the Web, there simply is no reason to use all-caps on your site. People make assumptions about content that appears in all capital letters. Most often, all-caps text indicates the act of yelling. Do you really mean to be yelling at your patrons? Further reading: Typography Basics: some fundamentals for body copy Why Text in All Caps is Hard for Users to Read