Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

After the appropriate image is inserted, using the Insert Image dialog box: URL: REQUIRED, but see description Defines the URL address of the image. However, you should always upload images to your site’s file manager; never link to them on your computer’s desktop or on a third-party site (the latter is copyright infringement.; the former will cause the image to be broken for everyone but you). Alternative Text: VERY IMPORTANT AND REQUIRED! Short text that serves the same purpose and presents the same information as the image. Primarily used by assistive technology devices, so should conform to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. For a discussion of best practices, see G94. For a demonstration of why this is so important, watch this 30-second video: Align (Optional) Specifies the alignment of the image. You can choose from Left, Right or Center. Left aligns the image with the left margin of the page and allows text to wrap around the right side of the image. Right aligns the image with the right margin of the page and allows the text to wrap around the left side of the image. If the text is smack up against the image, with no white space, you may want to add some white space to the actual image. Caption (Optional) This field will create a short text box under the image (once Save is clicked on the Insert Image dialog box) where you can type a small amount of text.