Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Beneath the body (editor), there is an option for Text Format. This should always be set to “Full HTML.” This field is never changed, except in some special circumstances (which are very rare). Do not change this unless you have been so instructed by OPLIN staff. (NOTE: This feature is only applicable for front pages that use either the Standard Story Block or Blog formats.) The front page of your site is not intended to be full of text. In fact, the majority of users are turned off by lots of text and will not read it or will even leave your site! This summary field is used if you place an Event or a Story/Article on your website's front and provides a short amount of teaser text. Users can then click “Learn more” or the item’s title to get the full content. ***SUMMARY TEXT SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN 1-3 SENTENCES FOR BEST USABILITY*** To control exactly what is included in the summary, rather than cutting it off after a certain number of characters, click on Edit summary and a plain text field for the writing the summary will appear above the Body field. Click Hide summary to return to the full text of the article. If your site uses the standard story block layout, you MUST use the summary field to add text specifically for the homepage. NOTE: If anything is put into the “Summary” field, it will always replace whatever is in the Body field—but only on the homepage. Adding Content: Text format Adding Content: Summary