Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Adding Content: Revisions The revisions feature allow you to keep internal notes attached to each content item, as well as to potentially revert back to an older version of that item. Adding Content: Menu Settings You can add content items directly to your site’s main navigation by checking the Provide menu link checkbox. Once checked, additional options will appear: • Menu Link Title: This is the text that will show up for that ink in the dropdown menu. • Description: If you would like additional text to appear as a tooltip when someone hovers over the link, put it in this field. NOTE: This field will often not appear on mobile devices. We recommend either using this field for ALL of the main navigation links, or none. This is because users may think a link is broken if it does not have a tooltip, while others do. • Parent Item: This is where you select the location of the link within the hierarchy of the drop-down menus. • Weight: “0” is the default, which means that the link will appear alphabetically within the scope of the current list being displayed. You can use this function to make it appear higher or lower: positive numbers rise, and negative numbers sink. However, OPLIN recommends using the “Books” feature instead, which is more intuitive. OPLIN provides a 5-minute video tutorial on using the revision feature: