Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Once you are finished working on a piece of content, it is a good idea to click on the Preview button at the bottom of the page to be sure it looks as you expected. You will see what the page will look like. If you need to make changes, or, if you’re ready to publish, you can click the Back to content editing button. When you are satisfied that everything is OK, click on Save. Nothing will be saved until you choose Save. If you want to save the page as a draft, or work on it with others, just remember to unpublish it before you submit it. Once a page has been saved, a Delete button will appear at the bottom of the editing view, as well as a new tab on the saved item, if you want to completely remove the page from your server. Editing a page is very similar to creating a page, except that you start by navigating through your site to the page you want to edit. Since you are logged in and able to edit content, you will see a tab at the top of your page that allows you to edit the page. (Note: the Outline tab is a shortcut that will allow you to assign the page to a book hierarchy or modify its weight.) Adding Content: Preview & Save Editing Content