Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Content Types As you create the content for your Webkit, you will find that not all content is similar. Some content will be fairly static . Other content may be created, changed, and removed fairly frequently by a variety of people. Some content, like announcements of events, will only be needed temporarily. So your Webkit allows you to create different types of content. The most typical content types you will have available in your Kit are: Article/Story Articles are generally used for information items which are only relevant for a period of time (e.g. news stories) and are expected to expire. They appear on the site’s homepage. Basic Page/Page Basic Pages are intended to be used for static content, but they are not a part of any content hierarchy and must be manually linked from another page in order to access them. One possible example would be a page of levy campaign information that's not related to any other pages. Book page Book Pages are designed to be part of a collaborative "book," a set of pages tied together in a hierarchy, just as chapters and parts of books are organized in a hierarchy. At the bottom of book pages, your Webkit will automatically provide links for moving to the previous page and the next, and a link labeled "up" that leads to the level above in the structure. Book pages also automatically create breadcrumb navigation trails. Database Link This content type shows a small image (258 x 177 pixels), a description and a “Use this resource” link for a given database in a specially-scripted display. The display includes an alpha paginator and a list of categories from which the user can select. The image only shows on non-mobile devices.