Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

(This section does NOT apply to libraries using third-party event services, such as Demco Signup, Eventkeeper or LibCal.) As a library, one of the most common information items you create for your page will be event announcements. The next several upcoming events will appear in the “Upcoming Events’ block on the homepage, where they will be most visible to visitors, and all upcoming events will automatically appear on your Events Calendar. The creation of Events differs from other content types in some significant ways. When you create or edit an Event, what you see at first is very similar to what you would normally see when creating most other content types. The main differences are some additional fields. Date All events have a beginning and end date. Click in the Date field, and a popup calendar will appear. Select the month, day and year of the program— both beginning and end (if it’s a recurring date, the end date will always be the same as the beginning date: more on that, later). Also input the beginning and end times. Events