Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Page/Basic Page A Page (sometimes called a Basic Page) is very like creating a Book Page, with one major difference: it does not live anywhere inside the site’s structure. This means that, when created, it does not automatically also create breadcrumb navigation or sibling navigation. It is, essentially, an orphan. Some libraries use this content type, while others do not. There are limited use cases for the Page/Basic Page. Think of it as a place that is good for one -offs; something that is not a permanent piece of your site, but perhaps you need something with more flexibility than say, a Story/Article. For example, if your library is running a levy, you might have a Story/Article on the homepage, but link to a Page/Basic page from that, in order to provide further information, such as testimonials or millage. Keep in mind that, when you create a Page, you will need to manually link to it from somewhere else—since it doesn’t live inside the book navigation at all. Otherwise, the only other way the public will be able to find it is if it comes up as a search result. A Page can become a Book Page later, if you want!