Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Story/Article The Story/Article is the main type of content that will be used on your site’s homepage. Stories/Articles do not show up elsewhere on the website, unless it’s as a search result. It’s meant to be a very ephemeral type of content, used to promote new service or collections, or events. If you are using the story block or Visual story block layout, the Front Page Image field is required. Standard story block mages must be 330 x 186 pixels and Visual story blocks must be 386 x 290 pixels. Both should be optimized. Remember not to use clip art; your community institution’s reputation is not enhanced by using the same clip art that a third grader uses! Stock photos, graphics made in-house or photos taken at your library are all better choices. Also using the standard story block layout, you’ll want to make use of the Edit Summary link. This allows you to create a specific, short teaser for the home page. This same functionality should also be used for events that are placed into front page story blocks. Summaries should be 1-3 sentences at most. Click “Edit summary” link If there is any text in the Summary field, it will override anything in the Body field—but only on the homepage. If you don’t use the summary field, the website will use an arbitrary amount of the beginning of the body field, which is rarely ideal. Use of the summary field is strongly encouraged.