Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Logging Out Remember to logout when you are done; the next person to use your computer will have access to your content if you don't logout. After you logout you will be returned to the normal view of your website, without the Edit button at the top of the pages. "Access Denied" The most common issue reported to OPLIN is seeing an "Access Denied" message. However, this message is very misleading: if you enter the incorrect password or username, you actually will receive a very different message. The "Access Denied" message actually means that you (or someone else on the same computer) did not logout of the website the last time. The browser now believes that you are attempting to open a new session, when session cookies for an existing session still exist. In order to clear the problem, you will need to clear the cookies from your browser. To prevent this issue, always be sure to click the "Logout" option on the Administration Toolbar when you're finished.