About FlippingBook for Online Magazines

FlippingBook is a professional and cost-effective tool for turning static PDFs into that engage your audience. With its help, publishers can produce digital versions of their magazines fast, without special training or help from the IT department.

With FlippingBook, you can create online magazines with a lifelike page flip effect and an authentic look that will make the digital version an exact copy of the printed one. It can be easily embedded into a website or distributed as a direct link via email.

Moreover, your magazines will look stunning. FlippingBook offers a variety of branding and design options to make your magazines visually enticing: add your own logo, custom background, engaging videos, images, and more.

The magazines powered by FlippingBook are compatible with all browsers and mobile devices, be it iOS or Android. So there’s no need to look for third party vendors that could host or distribute your content—FlippingBook takes care of it all for you.