Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Embedding YouTube Videos You can embed YouTube videos directly in a webpage. To do so, you will need either the embed code or the URL for the video. Click the Embed YouTube Video button in the editor (it looks like a “play” button). Paste the embed code in the box that pops up OR the URL into the “Paste YouTube Video URL” field. NOTE: Whichever field you choose, the other field will become unavailable once something is entered. If you change your mind, simply delete whatever you’ve entered in either field and the other field will become available. THIS THIS • Width and Height: Regardless of which field you use (embed or URL), the width and height fields will autofill with the default measurements of the video. OPLIN strongly recommends that you accept those, as-is, and then proceed to check the “Make Responsive” checkbox below. This will allow mobile devices to appropriately resize the video to fit the available screen. OR