Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

• Video and image link only: Checking this box will mean that only a thumbnail and a link to the YouTube video will appear; a playable video, embedded in the page, will not be available. • Show suggested videos at the video’s end: This is optional, and a personal choice on your part. • Use old embed code: Ignore this checkbox; leave unchecked. • Enable privacy-enhanced mode: You should always check this box. This is a YouTube feature that prevents some data collection and tracking of viewers. To learn more, see • Start at: This allows you to insert a specific timestamp to start playing the video at. If you want your video to start at the beginning, leave this empty. • Show player controls: This is checked by default and should not be unchecked, as it decreases usability and removes control from the user. Once the video is embedded, it will show up in the editor. If you want to get rid of the video, simply place the cursor after the video in the editor, and hit the backspace key on your keyboard. Learn more about embedding YouTube videos for your Webkit, in this video: