Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

This option is required if you are working with Book pages, but is not usually used for any other content type. If you created a book page by using the Add child page option on an existing page, this field will already be filled in. Otherwise, you will need to set the location of the new book page. NOTE: While you cannot create new books (top-level sections), you can create multiple sub-levels as needed. If your library needs a new book, please contact OPLIN. Weight: By default, the Webkit will simply alphabetize lists of book pages. However, if you wish to override this order, you can change the weight of an individual book page. “0” is the default and will alphabetize the book page. Negative numbers rise, while positive numbers sink. So a “-15” will be at or near the top of a list, while “15” will be at or near the bottom. However, OPLIN recommends using the Book feature to move book pages to different orders or locations, as that is generally much easier to use. Adding Content: Book Outline