Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

eMedia Link Similar to the Database Link content type, with many of the same features, including a specific display. Individual entries can also include up to three (3) links to help documents or tutorials. Events An Event is a content type that includes a start and end date, and may include other fields such as event type, location and/or age group. Events automatically appear in the events calendar and in the “Upcoming Events” block (if your library has one). Events can also be promoted to the site’s homepage, in addition to appearing in the site’s calendar functions. Hours (SELECT LIBRARIES ONLY) This content type allows the library to regularly change hours per specific location. Slider (SELECT LIBRARIES ONLY) These are images that are used by a front page carousel. Images generally have to 925 x 300 pixels. Graphics should be of high quality and images should be optimized. Carousels hold a maximum of five (5) images. Other types of content may also be available in your Webkit, depending on the custom options you requested from OPLIN.