Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Content Control Panel Perhaps the most useful item on the administrative toolbar is the link to Content. This gives you "control panel" access to all the content in your website. Simply click the Content link in the Administrative Tool Bar. Here can see and modify all the content in your site, including unpublished content. You can also select a number of content items and transform them all at once by using the Actions pull-down menu. Your options here are to publish/unpublish or delete. This can be very handy, or very dangerous; be careful! (The other options in the Action menu will either not apply or should not be used.) NOTES: • You can also view, edit and delete individual pieces of content from here as well (see options to the right of each title). • If you try to delete either an individual item or more than one at a time, you will still get a “Are you sure?” message, asking you to confirm the deletion. If you confirm the deletion with the second click, that content is GONE—it cannot be retrieved by OPLIN!