Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Queues All Webkits have at least one Queue. This is a lineup of which items are to appear in a specific area. All Kits have a queue for the front page, to determine not only which items appear there, but in what order. Other sites may also have a separate queue for Sliders, and some sites may have queues for more specialized, custom content types. All queues can be found under Structure in the Administrative Navigation Bar. • Regardless of what kind of content the queue is associated with, they work the same way. Each queue can only hold a certain number of items (Typically 4 for a front page queue and 5 for a slider queue). If the queue is full, you will need to delete an item before you can add more. • Front page queues typically only hold either Event or Story/Article content types, since the front page is specifically designed for promotional items. • All queues have drag-and-drop handles to the left of the item’s title. You can use these to re-arrange items in the order you prefer. • Don’t forget to click the Save button when you’re finished!