Website Kit Welcome Packet 2022

What is OPLIN? The Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) provides broadband Internet connections and related information services to Ohio public libraries. Our primary mission is to ensure that all Ohio residents have fast, free access to online information through the 251 local public library systems in Ohio. One way we do that (among others) is by offering libraries assistance with providing information —about the library—to the public, including offering assistance with the library’s website. Though the eventual consumers of our services are often members of the general public, our actual customers are in fact limited to the public library systems of Ohio. Learn more at http:// What is a Website Kit? Briefly, an OPLIN Website Kit is a fully-customized content management system (CMS) for your library’s website. We call it a “kit” because we provide a customized shell and technical support, while your library provides the content. Since the back end (the system under the hood) and the front end (the design) are separate pieces, a Website Kit can be given an entirely new design at any time, without your library’s staff having to recreate all of the site’s content from scratch.