Website Kit Manual 2022-2023

Slider (Optional premium feature) Sliders are the images that appear in carousels, usually on the homepage. Because carousels are often prominently featured and take up a great deal of prime real estate, it is critical that someone with some graphic design skill create your sliders. We often try to discourage libraries from having carousels installed if they do not have adequate staff expertise. Bad design does your organization no favors in the realm of public perception! Standard carousels require images that are 925 x 300 pixels, with some exceptions. Standard full-width carousel images must be exactly 1350 x 300 pixels. Images must be in either JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG formats and should be optimized. Remember, these are large images and can significantly slow your site down if they are not optimized! Each image in a carousel must be linked: therefore, the URL field is required. Learn more about sliders (AKA carousels):