Website Kit Welcome Packet 2022

Can we get additional training? It’s not unusual for new staff to become involved in maintaining a library’s website. To facilitate this, OPLIN offers several training options: • 1-hour phone refresher. Using remote access to your computer and phones, we will walk you through the basics of your site, or answer specific questions that you may have. We do not charge for this service. • Refresher training at the OPLIN office. We can accommodate your staff for a training of a length of your choosing. Please inquire for pricing. • Refresher training at your library. We are able to travel to your library to provide training. Please inquire for pricing. And, don’t forget, we don’t charge for email or telephone questions! Can we host videos on OPLIN servers? Short answer: no, sorry! Each library has up to 1 gigabyte of space available, which is generally much larger than any library will need for the storage of graphics and/or PDF files. We recommend either YouTube or Vimeo for video storage.