Website Kit Welcome Packet 2022

Is our library’s site ADA compliant? To answer this, let’s start with when your site was passed to your staff, after it was initially created. This was before your library input any content at all. At that time, the answer to this question would have been “yes.” OPLIN ensures that the websites it creates meet not only Section 508 standards, but WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards as well (as much as possible; some vendor widgets violate these standards). However, your website is much like a cup of coffee. When you buy a cup of black coffee, the barista can assure you that’s it’s low calorie. But, after you add stuff to the coffee, it may or may not still be low calorie. So, the answer to this question, now, is “maybe.” There are things that staff can do to violate federal and international accessibility standards. To help you know if your site is still meeting current accessibility standards, OPLIN offers a free Website Audit to all of its clients. Your library can take advantage of this service up to two (2) times per year. You can order an audit here: The audit will evaluate several other areas as well, in addition to accessibility.