Website Kit Welcome Packet 2022

Can vendor widgets be installed on our site? Yes, they can, and many of our client libraries have all sorts of widgets installed. If you’re unsure about a particular widget, or have questions about how to install one, just contact Laura Solomon at Some caveats about vendor widgets: • Some widgets are not responsive. This means that they may not resize appropriately on mobile. This is not usually something that OPLIN can correct but, rather, has to be fixed on the vendor’s end. • Some widgets may not be accessible to the blind or visually impaired. OPLIN recommends evaluating and testing widgets carefully before deciding to use these on a permanent basis. How do I access Google Analytics? All of OPLIN’s Website Kits have Google Analytics tracking, even if you didn’t know it! The login URL for your library’s account is However, OPLIN does not have login credentials for your site; those are set by individual libraries. If you are unsure as to what your login credentials are, you will most likely have to follow up with someone who works/worked at your library. In some cases, analytics might have to be re-started from scratch.