OPLIN hosts a number of listservs, which can be accessed at lists.oplin.org. The most popular listservs are listed at the bottom of this page – click on the list name for more information.

OPLINLIST and OPLINTECH are also searchable using standard Internet search engines. Using Google, for example, add site:lists.oplin.org after your search term.

Service objectives:

  • Incident Response: OPLIN staff will respond within one hour to malfunctions of the listservs during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding State of Ohio holidays. Contact us through the OPLIN Support site.
  • Incident Resolution: OPLIN staff will attempt to resolve every listserv malfunction within 4 business hours of Incident Response.

OPLIN also provides library administrators with two publications dedicated to Ohio government news, which are distributed through listservs: the Hannah Report, and the Gongwer Ohio Report. Email the OPLIN Director to have your address added to these lists.


How can I subscribe (or unsubscribe) to one of the OPLIN e-lists?

OPLIN public email lists can be found at http://lists.oplin.org. From here you can subscribe or unsubscribe to a particular list, and access list archives and rosters of subscribers.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, simply click on the list which interests you. On the next page, follow the instructions to subscribe to your selected list. You will need to enter a password to create and manage your list subscriptions.

Can OPLIN host an e-list for my library?

Yes. Contact OPLIN Support for more information.

I am trying to send an attachment to the members of OPLINLIST or OPLINTECH, but they never receive it. What's wrong?

To help prevent the spread of viruses and worms, messages to the list are limited to 2 MB (2,000 KB) in size. Some attachments are larger than that, so the messages will be blocked. However, you can still send attachments directly to individual email addresses.