The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation conducted a nationwide Broadband Assessment Project, releasing the survey results in April 2009. The summary data for Ohio is attached to this page.

The Broadband Assessment Project gathered detailed information on Internet connectivity and the resources dedicated to connectivity in each public library in the United States. The data represent a snapshot in time of key Internet connectivity variables including connectivity speed, the cost of Internet subscriptions, the service type, service provider, decision-maker and funding entity. All data were collected between October 2008 and March 2009.

The Broadband Assessment Project employed a direct contact survey (including mail, electronic mail and phone calls) to build a timely and comprehensive dataset that accounts for all libraries in the United States. Lieberman Research Worldwide, a market research firm, collected information from each public library outlet directly. When libraries chose to submit information via a printed or electronic survey, LRW reviewed the material and followed up with the respondent if it was incomplete or unclear. The data collectors' additional screening and follow-up increased both the coverage of the survey as well as the accuracy of the resultant data.