The Ohio Web Library statewide content to public libraries is provided through four different contracts, facilitated by OPLIN:

Resource Current Contract Dates Funded By

LCO Package*

  • EBSCO Core Collection
  • World Book Package
  • Oxford Research Encyclopedias
  • Very Short Introductions
  • Chilton Library
  • CultureGrams

*Note: American and English Full Text Literature Collections and Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are also part of the LCO Collection, but those collections were purchased outright many years ago, and they are not part of the 5-year contract cycle.

7/1/23 to


LCO Partners (OhioLINK, INFOhio, and OPLIN)

and LSTA Funds (IMLS/State Library of Ohio)

Genealogy Package

  • African American Heritage
  • Ancestry Library Edition
  • Fold3
  • HeritageQuest Online
7/1/23 to 6/30/26 OPLIN Operating Funds

Careers and Professional Development

  • LinkedIn Learning

7/1/19 to


OPLIN Operating Funds

Digital Literacy Skills

  • Northstar Digital Literacy

10/1/23 to


LSTA Funds (IMLS/State Library of Ohio)

Three other Ohio Web Library resources are provided by OPLIN, in partnership with the Ohio History Connection:

  • What Tree Is It?
  • What's That Snake?
  • What's the Point?